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Spare Seat Scheme

If your child is not eligible for free home to school transport, you may be able to secure a vacant seat on one of our existing routes through our Spare Seat Scheme. This scheme is only available on existing routes, where there is an empty seat in the vehicle.

Competitive Rates

We can offer vacant seats on our existing routes at a competitive, subsidised rate. This rate is based on the distance of the pick-up address to the route schedule. The further your address is from the path of the ongoing route, the higher the quotation for a seat.

Specialist Vehicles

We have a fleet of specialised vehicles ranging from 8-seater multi-purpose vehicles to wheelchair accessible vehicles equipped with electric tail lifts and factory fitted wheelchair restraints. If the space is available, we shall look to accommodate any and all students.

Fully Trained Staff

Our staff each undertake an extensive training course, covering everything from first aid training to child safeguarding. This unique training program is designed to produce the most proficient workforce.

Child Preparing to Leave Home for School

Secure a Seat Today

Interested in finding out more about our Spare Seat Scheme? Fill out the below form and we'll be in touch with further details and a free quotation.

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